Trapped Wind

Trapped Wind

Trapped wind is a physical discomfort that occurs when a person gets pain in the abdominal region. This happens due to gaseous pressure in the abdomen. This makes your abdomen get bigger in size temporarily. You may feel that because of this as if you want to pass some wind, which will make you comfortable. This feeling actually happens due to wind trapped in your stomach.

A number of things can be the cause of trapped wind. You may have worn clothes that fit really tight around your stomach, or you may have eaten your food too quickly. Whatever may be the reason, the result is that wind forms in your tummy. It gets trapped because it does not have any place to come out. Women often suffer from this, but they do not actually admit it due to the shame of passing wind.

There are various causes that may result in trapped wind. Whether you eat quickly or do not sit to eat, then you may get trapped wind in your tummy. If you are drinking hard drinks, you may also get this. If you are eating your meal and drinking water or juice or any kind of drink at the same time, you may face this condition. Sometimes, due to stress and tension, you can also develop wind that gets trapped in your tummy. If you are a smoker, then the chances of getting trapped wind increases. If you eat chewing gum, it may sometimes result in trapped wind.

This condition generally happens when excess air rushes from the stomach to your intestine. This air needs to be released by the process referred to as flatulence. Otherwise, it continues to make you uncomfortable as the air travels in your tummy from one place to the other trying to find a way out. Wearing tight clothes around your waist can make this condition happens. It can also make the situation even worse.

Sometimes, the colon gets infected with bacteria. This produces gas in your abdomen. This gas is most of the time absorbed by the blood, and that which does not is left to be released as flatulence.

How would you know that you are suffering from trapped wind? The first symptom is that your stomach or abdominal region seems to be bloated with air. It may also happen when you over eat and you feel uncomfortable because the wind gets trapped. Sometimes you may get some noises of grumbling in your stomach due to trapped wind. And the most common symptom is that there is flatulence.

There are a lot of over the counter medications that are used to relieve the symptoms of trapped wind. These medicines break the wind into smaller bubbles that become easy for the body to absorb via the intestine. The most common ingredient of this medication is simethicone.

If you are cautious about the prevention of trapped wind, then you may get it at fewer intervals. With care, you can sometimes get rid of it completely with the help of practicing these preventions regularly.

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