Trapped Wind Relief

Trapped Wind Relief

It is very common for all of us to feel bloated with wind in our abdomen. Other than being painful, the intensity of pain varies from person to person depending on the seriousness of the condition of trapped wind. It is embarrassing at times, especially when you are at a social gathering because the main symptom of trapped wind relief is flatulence. You do not obviously want to do that in public, but it does relieve you from suffering and pain due to trapped wind.

As there are a number of reasons why you may get trapped wind, there are also techniques that you can apply for trapped wind relief. But first, let us discuss the reasons for getting trapped wind. This will help the next time when you will know what may have caused your trapped wind. So, knowing the reasons will help you in preventing it.

If you eat too quickly and eat without sitting stable during and after a meal, then there is every possibility that you may gulp down some air along with your food. This results in trapped wind as the wind that has gone inside and does not have any outlet to come out. The next reason may be due to digestion problems associated with a particular food item that develops bacteria and gas in your gut. The trapped wind symptoms are also very common in all of us. Symptoms include pain, bloating, vomiting, and nausea. If these symptoms last for more than a few days, do not forget to consult your doctor as the same symptoms may mean a much serious disease. Now, let us discuss the trapped wind relief techniques.

The first one that helps you as a trapped wind remedy is to take over the counter medications that are easily available for relieving trapped wind. These medicines break up the wind trapped into smaller bubbles that are easily absorbed into the blood flow.

For most people, nature will help you. So, the next one is embarrassing, yet natural. The best relief of trapped wind is flatulence.

Yoga is an excellent relief for trapped wind. There is a particular yoga posture that if practiced regularly will help you get trapped wind relief. Lie straight on your back on a firm surface with arms beside your body and legs straight together. When inhaling, put your legs up together at 90 degrees to the body. Then fold the legs from the knees, and pull your legs together towards your chest with arms around them, and have your upper thighs touching the abdomen. You should do this five times, and it will do wonders to you.

The next thing you can do is make a diet chart. This can help you eliminate the foods that are causing you a problem. Once you have eliminated the particular food, you can stick to it. You will definitely get a satisfactory result.

Make sure that your bowels move regularly. Take your time, and chew your food. If you can follow and maintain these relief techniques, you can definitely bid farewell to trapped wind.

Trapped Wind Symptoms

Trapped Wind Symptoms

Trapped wind is the result of air, wind, or gas in the abdomen that makes you feel bloated and uncomfortable. This may happen to people of any age. Due to this trapped wind, a lot of things can make a person uncomfortable. The discomfort may be severe for some and lesser for others depending on the seriousness of the condition. This condition may be so serious that your daily life may be affected by this condition. Not much attention is necessarily paid by doctors because many see the condition of trapped wind a natural byproduct of overindulging. The reason may be that this condition lasts for a short period of time only and is bearable by patients until the trapped wind escapes. When a doctor is consulted, the condition may have already settled down so that the symptoms are no longer causing the patient a concern; however, the condition may not be serious, it is very common amongst a large section of society.

Trapped wind is actually a problem in the digestive system of human beings. This is caused mainly due to gulping of air through your mouth accidentally when you are eating very fast. Sometimes the food that is not digested gets fermented, and bacteria forms in our gut. Gas builds up, and it may make your tummy feel bloated. This may happen to you when you have a problem digesting a particular kind of food. You will know which food item it is when you face this condition repeatedly after eating this food choice. After eating such food item, it may make you feel as if you want to let the wind out of your body. Your tummy may make a certain kind of sound when wind is trapped. It may cause pain, which is severe at times, making you unable to stand straight and walk.

Trapped wind symptoms vary from person to person, but the most common symptoms are bloating of the abdomen, belching, pain in the abdomen, sometimes a feeling of nausea, and flatulence. It is seen that a person may also vomit due to this condition. These symptoms are severe for some and less for others. This condition is not so serious that it may threaten your life, but the symptoms are common to other more serious diseases. So it is very important that you are diagnosed correctly. Make sure you are taking medication for trapped wind. If the symptoms in your abdomen do not subside, then you should arrange for a medical examination.

The most common trapped wind symptom is bloating. When this happens, you may feel your tummy is still full even when a lot of time has passed after eating your meal. This means that after the food should have been digested, you still feel that you are full. It is a feeling as if your abdomen has increased in size. It makes you face a lot of discomfort. These symptoms of trapped wind may last a few hours until the trapped wind has escaped. If you still feel the same and the problem persists for days, then you may need a thorough check up.

Trapped Wind

Trapped Wind

Trapped wind is a physical discomfort that occurs when a person gets pain in the abdominal region. This happens due to gaseous pressure in the abdomen. This makes your abdomen get bigger in size temporarily. You may feel that because of this as if you want to pass some wind, which will make you comfortable. This feeling actually happens due to wind trapped in your stomach.

A number of things can be the cause of trapped wind. You may have worn clothes that fit really tight around your stomach, or you may have eaten your food too quickly. Whatever may be the reason, the result is that wind forms in your tummy. It gets trapped because it does not have any place to come out. Women often suffer from this, but they do not actually admit it due to the shame of passing wind.

There are various causes that may result in trapped wind. Whether you eat quickly or do not sit to eat, then you may get trapped wind in your tummy. If you are drinking hard drinks, you may also get this. If you are eating your meal and drinking water or juice or any kind of drink at the same time, you may face this condition. Sometimes, due to stress and tension, you can also develop wind that gets trapped in your tummy. If you are a smoker, then the chances of getting trapped wind increases. If you eat chewing gum, it may sometimes result in trapped wind.

This condition generally happens when excess air rushes from the stomach to your intestine. This air needs to be released by the process referred to as flatulence. Otherwise, it continues to make you uncomfortable as the air travels in your tummy from one place to the other trying to find a way out. Wearing tight clothes around your waist can make this condition happens. It can also make the situation even worse.

Sometimes, the colon gets infected with bacteria. This produces gas in your abdomen. This gas is most of the time absorbed by the blood, and that which does not is left to be released as flatulence.

How would you know that you are suffering from trapped wind? The first symptom is that your stomach or abdominal region seems to be bloated with air. It may also happen when you over eat and you feel uncomfortable because the wind gets trapped. Sometimes you may get some noises of grumbling in your stomach due to trapped wind. And the most common symptom is that there is flatulence.

There are a lot of over the counter medications that are used to relieve the symptoms of trapped wind. These medicines break the wind into smaller bubbles that become easy for the body to absorb via the intestine. The most common ingredient of this medication is simethicone.

If you are cautious about the prevention of trapped wind, then you may get it at fewer intervals. With care, you can sometimes get rid of it completely with the help of practicing these preventions regularly.